The Boating Risk Analysis INnformation System (BRAINS) uses the statistical relationships between accident report variables within the U.S. Coast Guard's Boating Accident Report Database (BARD) System to determine the probability that a specific accident could occur given the conditions entered by a user. BRAINS enables those interested in boating accidents to determine the effect a specific variable, or group of variables, have on the probability that a specific accident could occur based on the relationships between variables within the BARD System.

If you have questions about BRAINS, you might want to read the FAQ or read About BRAINS.

Step 1: Select a Region and Model

You must be at the BRAINS Online page to complete this step.

This step is where you choose what type of accident and what area of the country you would like to analyze.

Simply choose a region and a model from the pop-up lists.

Step 2: Submit your request to BRAINS

Once you have chosen a model and a region, simply click the submit button. The BRAINS website will now load the model variables.

This may take a moment or two, please be patient.

Step 3: Enter your data values

The user selectable variables are now on the screen and are the actual statistical variables which you may change.

For example, you may change the boat type to another item on the pop-up list. You may notice that all models do not have the same variables as one another. This is correct. Some variables are not used in some of the models.

Step 4: Submit your data for BRAINS processing

Once you have entered your values, simply press the submit button at the bottom of the screen.

After you submit your data, one of two things will happen:

1. You have errors in your data:

This means that one of the items where you could type in a value has a problem. Perhaps it is too big of a number, or maybe it is not a numerical entry.

For example for wind speed:


Results in:


No problems, it is a number.


An out of range error.  The number is too big.

NOTE: The min/max allowable values are stated beside the box where you can enter a value.

An error, don't put the commas in your numbers.  Enter 1324 instead.

An error, don't put the "MPH"


An error, don't spell out numbers.

To fix your problems, press your browser's "back button", correct any errors, and click submit again.

2. You receive a page with a probability.

Congratulations! You have just used BRAINS succesfully!


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